Coffee break - what is a coffee break, history, how to organize in Moscow

  1. Coffee break - the history of
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We all now know that a coffee break is a short period of rest with a small amount of hot drinks and snacks during the working day.

Coffee break - the history of

The term “coffee break” presumably originated in the late 19th century in Stoughton, Wisconsin. It was organized by the wives of Norwegian immigrants. The city celebrates this event every year with the Coffee Break Stoughton festival ( Coffee-break Stoughton ) starting in 1880.

In 1951, the Times noted that "during the war, a coffee break was included in trade union contracts." This term subsequently became popular due to the Pan-American Coffee Bureau’s advertising campaign in 1952, which prompted consumers to "Give yourself a Coffee Break - and Get What Coffee Gives to You", which translates like this: "Give yourself Coffee Break - Get that Coffee That Is For You. ”

John B. Watson, a behavioral psychologist who later worked with the Maxwell House coffee company, helped popularize coffee break in American culture.

Tea Break in the UK

As for Britain, the origin of a similar process, but with a tea bias, originates in the last century in one of the studies conducted in England in the early 1900s.

F. Stanley Kent, an Oxford graduate and first professor of physiology at University College (Bristol), conducted research on "production fatigue" at the request of the Home Office.

This work was followed by the International Congress on Hygiene and Demography, held in Brussels in 1903. There, among others, there was adopted a resolution that governments should maximally facilitate the study of such factors as fatigue of industrial workers.

This factor was associated with a noticeable effect on the incidence and severity of the disease. The monotony of work and the effect of alcohol on muscle activity and mental fatigue were also mentioned.

And the term "tea-break" or tea break, was the direct result of this work. And the term tea-break or tea break, was the direct result of this work

When Kent was sent by the Minister of the Interior to check the impact of the tea break on productivity, management refused him on the grounds that they had a clear production schedule that must be respected.

However, Kent insisted on his own and conducted the necessary tests. The results of Kent's research were presented in both houses of parliament on August 17, 1915 in an "Interim Report on" Industrial Fatigue "by physiological methods. At that time, the state owned various production facilities, respectively, could freely introduce new methods and processes, including tea breaks. (A source Wikipedia )

Coffee break these days

Coffee break usually lasts from 10 to 20 minutes and often occurs either before lunch or 2-3 hours before the end of the working day.

Sometimes a coffee break is held as a formal event, in a clear time frame Sometimes a coffee break is held as a formal event, in a clear time frame. In some companies, coffee break passes directly in the work area.

A table with hot drinks, pastries, sandwiches and desserts is served at a certain time and in the morning and in the afternoon, the employer can arrange a catering company for daily service.

Or this kind of buffet can be served in a specially designated room or tea room.

In general terms, the term "coffee break" began to denote any break in the working or educational process. It can take place both in the office and in the hall of the conference hall or in the study room.

But its main useful function is still the same - to give an opportunity to take a break in work or study activities in order to improve productivity in the workplace.

Coffee break in Moscow

For our company, the organization of coffee breaks is one of the main areas of catering, which we have been doing for more than 10 years.


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